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A Continuous Professional Development (CPD), or Continuous Professional Learning (CPL)  opportunity to re focus, re connect, re energise and celebrate your leadership.


A residential retreat for school; organisation leaders and overworked professionals who want to escape the stresses of their organisation by having time away from the office, from decision making and the pressure from constant demands. Thus enabling time to reflect, off load and create headspace, safely and confidentially amongst like-minded professionals.


All whilst being able to be their authentic self, unlike what might be the experience in a more corporate ‘off the shelf’ away day where we can often feel judged and the need to be someone other than our self!

The residential is protected time to reflect on the 'what next?’, ‘ why?' and ‘ how?'. Having gained some headspace to be able to work up and develop the visions needed in your leadership, you will leave with a deeper self-awareness and insight of you as a leader and person and with a greater understanding of your needs and what keeps you well plus a new network to keep you on track.


The residential aspect of the programme allows for both; an outdoor experience, or a more quiet reflective space with the two separate approaches offered throughout the year for you as an individual leader or you with your team.

 Residential Retreat
(including Outdoor Activities)


Residential Retreat for Leaders
18 - 19 November 2022
Bookings now being taken.


Residential Retreat

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