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New Routes Ltd

Specialists in Supervision for School Leaders
Registered Supervisor Trauma Informed Schools 

Professional, Bespoke Executive Coaching, Supervision, Counselling & Consultancy

The challenges of being a leader in any organisation are clear. What is perhaps less clear is the self-stigmatisation of leaders around their own mental well being and being able to ask for support for themselves. 


With over 30 years experience as a leader and manager of people in both the public, private and third sector, what was identified in the vast number of cases was that the issues raised were often to do with relationships. Either their relationship with themselves or with others.


We now work with leaders of many organisations in a way that makes life easier for them and from our experience, by working in this way, the impact filters down, into and across organisations for the benefits of all and then out into personal lives and their communities.

The impact of leaders being emotionally well reverberates across and out of organisations; organisations that support people to thrive who in turn help create safer connected communities.​

Services We Offer

Supervision and Supervision for Schools

An opportunity for confidential reflective practice, consideration of personal & professional boundaries, safely offload & explore ethical issues with a fully qualified registered practitioner. 


At New Routes Ltd our counsellors are highly qualified and experienced providers. It will give you an opportunity for confidential reflective practice, consideration of personal & professional boundaries, safely offload & explore ethical issues with a fully qualified registered practitioner.

Leadership Coaching

Coaching can provide the opportunity to explore future goals and a path towards these. The Leadership Coaching compliments the counselling and is further sustained through ongoing supervision.


Join us on a continuous professional development (CPD) opportunity to re-focus, re-connect, re-energise and celebrate your leadership. The residential is protected time to reflect on the 'what next?’, ‘ why?' and ‘ how?' having gained some headspace to be able to work up and develop the visions needed in your leadership.

Executive Supervision

A formal process of working with a team or as an individual in a confidential setting to reflect on organisational culture and resources, offload and explore different relevant issues that affect your organisation and the individuals within it. 

Away Day

As mental health professionals there is an ongoing opportunity to access counselling to respond to  life issues that comes into our leadership whether we choose it or not.

Leadership and Management Training

To support leaders and managers at any stage of their careers; from first line managers to middle leaders often surrounded by resources needing direction and management  to senior leaders who may have not been afforded the opportunity nor time to consider the theory and how that applies to their own style of leadership.


An experiential learning opportunity with facilitated inputs and reflections supported by ongoing  supervision as required.

When you reach out to us to schedule a time to learn more about our services, you won’t be inundated with endless phone calls and emails from eager sales reps. Instead, you’ll talk to Pauline, the founder and Director of New Routes. 

You'll chat briefly about your business, your goals and your challenges - and we'll arrange a further call if you think we might be a good fit for you. It’s your call!

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