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Leadership Supervision and Support

A professional development Programme that is personal to leaders with learning that translates into leadership. 


Our programme is about taking a social responsibility to help improve the mental health and well-being of leaders, leading to more connected communities. As specialists we work with leaders to manage the stress of the role and prevent burnout and be the leader that people like, are inspired by and want to follow. New Routes Ltd will lead you through a 7-step, personalised and sustainable programme that incorporates (safeguarding) supervision, mental health interventions, coaching and a residential retreat to celebrate the efforts of leadership.

The Why

The impact of leaders being emotionally well reverberates across and out of organisations; organisations that support people to thrive, who in turn help create safer connected communities.


The Who

A psychotherapist and BACP registered accredited Counsellor, qualified in Cognitive Behaviour Theory skills (CBT). Pauline also holds an advanced Diploma in Clinical Supervision and is a level 7 executive coach.  Meet the rest of her team by clicking the link. 


The What

A 7-step, personalised programme that incorporates (safeguarding) supervision,  mental health interventions, coaching and a residential retreat. Click the link below to learn more.

The Why


I have worked with many leaders over the years and what I often see is how people hide who they truly are because of a fear of not being accepted and so present as someone else, someone 'less vulnerable'. They think that as a leader they need to have all the answers, the academic qualifications and the knowledge, otherwise people would doubt their role in leadership. The pressure that then puts on an individual to be everything to everyone cannot be sustained. 


The problem with this false image is that it prevents relationships being formed to any depth, since we don't trust it, the very thing that was wanted in creating the image in the first place. They discount the richness of their authentic self and how it is that leader who people want to connect with. We don’t thrive when disconnected because we all want to be seen and heard and connected as human beings. 


The behaviours that then show as a leader are not always conducive to building and forming relationships and often lead to burnout and little, if any compassion for themselves. This then leads to families and friends seeing only the ’spent’ aspect of the person they love. 

The Why
The What
A Preventative Approach to Burnout

An established,  tried and tested professional development programme personal to school leaders that enables them to lead and support people without becoming emotionally depleted.  A programme that aims to build self care into the routine and a developed self awareness such that school leaders recognise more readily their emotional triggers and so able to access their  cognition,  promoting responses as opposed to reactions and an increased confidence in their leadership.

A personalised six session programme which will begin by allowing leaders to establish and understand their own needs through 1-1 coaching. Followed by an opportunity to re-focus, re-connect and re-energise at an overnight residential. To celebrate your leadership efforts with time away from your organisation to connect with peers or spend time alone.

Next, a chance to challenge your existing model and explore ways of increasing your impact through leadership coaching.


With clarity about what you plan to change and how, we use supervision to sustain and maintain in making it happen and establish the right organisational culture you want to create to bring your plans to reality.


Now we move on to the leadership team and create time to collaborate. Bringing peers together to share experiences, challenge and reflect to develop our understanding, self awareness and insight further.  

Finally, we will reflect on the journey, the programme and your individual development, enabled through an away day. This will also make time to consider the action plan needed going forward, with new challenges and opportunities in leadership. ​

The What

When you reach out to us to schedule a time to learn more about our services, you won’t be inundated with endless phone calls and emails from eager sales reps. Instead, you’ll talk to Pauline, the founder and Director of New Routes. 

You'll chat briefly about your business, your goals and your challenges - and we'll take you through some of the details of the PHSE Programme. 

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